prince of persia box art


Please use the following steps to apply all fixes and enhancements for your SDL Prince of Persia game on the RetroPie. Please remember to backup EVERYTHING that you are not willing to lose (screenshots, roms, saves, save states, artwork, etc).


  1. Install sdlpop
  2. Download and extract my current SDL Prince of Persia SDLPoP.ini here:
  3. (Backup first) Overwrite the existing SDLPoP.ini with the one above in this directory: /opt/retropie/configs/ports/sdlpop/
  4. Try out SDL Prince of Persia under the Ports category in Emulation Station with all of the fixes and enhancements to the game now applied.


If I have missed anything or you can think of any suggestions, please contact me as I want this to be as easy as possible.