Hosts File

By adding this file to your computer, you will be able to block off many servers that host ads, trackers, spyware, fraud, malware, fake news, gambling, cryptomining and many other things. These hosts files are curated, collected, de-duped and merged together from tons of different sources. Just take it and use it.

I provide two different hosts files here. One is the regular version and the other is the “BIG” version. The difference is that the BIG version uses many more sources, some which may block “too much” as in harmless sites or ones that you may wish to use but are now blocked by or It uses many older but still maintained hosts files as sources so it may be a bit outdated in some areas. It also blocks off social networking and pornography.

The BIG hosts file truly is enormous. Do not use it unless you know how to troubleshoot issues involving the hosts file. I am not able to assist you with these issues. Your computer or devices may also have difficulty using it due to it’s size usually being over 20mb and having over 700k lines. I personally use the regular version on my devices, computers and routers.

Regular version: download hosts file – 1.7mb, 60,710 hosts blocked, July 03, 2020

BIG version: download hosts-big file – 12.3mb, 405,409 hosts blocked, July 03, 2020

AmigaOS 1-3AmiTCP:db/hosts
AmigaOS 4DEVS:Internet/hosts
eComStation & OS/2“bootdrive”:\mptn\etc\
Android, BSD, iOS, Linux, macOS 10.02+, Unix, Unix-like/etc/hosts
Symbian 6.1-9C:\system\data\hosts
Symbian 9.1+C:\private\10000882\hosts
Windows 3.1%WinDir%\HOSTS
Windows 9x/ME%WinDir%\hosts
Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 2012, 8, 10%SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts