How to connect your PSP to the Internet

Every so often I come across a request for instructions on how to connect a PSP to the internet. It is usually after the user has attempted to connect unsuccessfully. I’m still amazed that people are trying to connect these to the internet. One of the few great reasons to do it still is to play multiplayer games with a virtual LAN.


  1. Do not attempt to connect using the PSP E1000 model, it does NOT have a network interface (Wi-Fi adapter) and there is no known way to connect it to the internet. If you need to obtain things off of the internet for your E1000 model, you will have to connect the console to a computer with a USB cable, connect your memory card to a computer or even connect your PSP to a PS3 console or a PSOne console (it is a PS2 Japanese console that can connect with a PSP)
  2. The PSP Go (N1000) model has bluetooth built-in and is the ONLY MODEL with this feature. Using the bluetooth you can tether to another device and access the internet, including through a dial-up connection even. You should also be able to tether this to your computers (with bluetooth) and smartphones as well to access the internet.
  3. Your PSP’s firmware MUST be version 2.00 or above to access the most basic networking features. WPA-PSK (AES) requires firmware version 2.50 or greater. The PSP Go’s bluetooth-tethering require firmware version 6.10 or greater. You should be on version 6.60 anyways but I am specifying these in case you insist on a lower version.
  4. To access some features of the official PlayStation Network you will NEED to have the latest 6.61 firmware version. This firmware version may be more difficult to replace with a “custom firmware” that lets you play game backups (ISOs, CSOs), homebrew or other software modifications to your PSP.
  5. Your Wi-Fi router/access point needs to be running 802.11b or at least allowing an 802.11b client (All PSP Wi-Fi is 802.11b, never anything else). The PSP uses Marvell 88W8010 networking adapter which DOES SUPPORT 802.11g but there DOES NOT EXIST any means of activating this. It can theoretically be activated via a software update or some homebrew software but it appears unlikely at this time that we will ever see it happen.
  6. Your Wi-Fi router/access point needs to use either WEP, WPA-PSK (TKIP) or WPA-PSK (AES) for encryption. Nothing else will work, period. WPA2 WILL NOT WORK!
  7. Since the PSP requires that you use insecure encryption schemes I strongly recommend that you tether it over bluetooth in the case of a PSP Go model or even create a special Access Point for just the PSP. You may wish to buy a USB Wi-Fi adapter or even use an old, spare router for this. Please use WPA-PSK (AES) for your encryption as it is the strongest available for the PSP.
  8. Most modern computers are capable of setting up a Wireless Access Point but whatever you decide, this access point should NOT be left running constantly and instead should only be enabled when you plan to use your PSP and connect it to the internet.