First update to the uber leet hosts files completed today

I have updated the hosts files for the first time since last month. It is a bit later than I had wanted but a sorta-monthly cycle is what I want to maintain them at.

My next step is to completely automate their uploading to the server and maybe even have the page update itself so I don’t have to type anything at all.

Check it all out here: and set your computers, routers and devices to automatically update from the links within.

uber leet hosts file is back

I have begun updating a personally curated, collected, merged, de-duped hosts file here:

The regular version blocks ads, trackers, malware, spyware, gambling, fake news, fraud, cryptomining and a bunch of other bad things. It has around 40000 blocked hosts and is about 1mb in size.

The BIG version is about 22mb in size with over 700000 hosts blocked, it includes many more sources and also blocks pornography and social networking.

I personally use the regular version on all of my devices, computers and routers.

For more general information on hosts files, check out the Wikipedia article: