Google Commences Advertising On Your Home Speakers And Phone

Advertising giant google has now begun a new model: Shouting out random advertisements across the speakers in your house! The Google Home service will now commence shouting out completely random and unrelated advertisements based entirely upon the whims of those who pay google for access to your speakers. Google has begun shouting out advertisements for the 2017 live action film Beauty and the Beast whenever people request their own personal information.

Google has denied that these are advertisements and instead say: “This isn’t an ad; … it invites our partners to be our guest and share their tales”. This is also taking place on people’s android smart phones when users request their own personal information. None of these users have requested information regarding beauty and the beast or any films, they requested an account of their day and google has deemed this trigger action to advertise about completely unrelated products. My sincere apologies, they are not advertising… they are sharing a story with you from their parters…