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Peity – jQuery plugin that generates imageless graphs

Posted on Aug 6, 2012 in Technology | 0 comments

Peity is a jQuery plugin that lets you convert an element’s contents into a mini pie graph, line graph or bar graph. This is done with an html <canvas> and does not generate an image.

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QLStephen – QuickLook plugin for generic text files

Posted on Aug 5, 2012 in Technology | 0 comments

If you ever wanted to just open up a text file that has no extension like:

  • Makefile
  • Rakefile
  • CapFile

This plugin will let you view them instantly.

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Survival Paint Can Heaters

Posted on Aug 5, 2012 in The Blog | 0 comments

A paint can heater is just a metal can, a roll of toilet paper inside and a bottle of isopropyl rubbing alcohol ready to soak the toilet paper roll. You then light it and it burns slowly so you can stay warm in an emergency, boil water and even cook food on top of it. The can does not need to specifically be a paint can, any can that you can fit a roll of toilet paper into should be fine.

To put out the flame you pop the paint can lid back on top of it and reuse it again in the future. Take caution as the can gets EXTREMELY hot.

Original page that I found with it: Survival Paint Can Heaters

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Lorem Ipsum Generator

Posted on Aug 5, 2012 in Technology | 0 comments

This application will generate generic filler text for as many sentences and paragraphs you need. The resulting text looks something like this:

Eget. Dolor est cursus primis fames semper vestibulum. Nibh arcu, neque fusce, nam habitasse. Pulvinar. Elit fusce sodales mollis ve cras pede. Tellus odio dis viverra dis, mi ipsum. Arcu pulvinar class ad urna turpis rhoncus in, nunc. Magnis fusce arcu aenean porttitor mi, donec pellentesque accumsan velit sollicitudin, penatibus dictum ut diam. Ante litora hendrerit. Quam quis leo. Quam magna eu orci. Ante a elit risus. Viverra, nisl pulvinar ut, nisl inceptos. Pede sociis augue dictum malesuada. Placerat tempor quam erat mollis, litora ad. Montes ipsum blandit rutrum dolor primis fames enim scelerisque at, nostra ad augue. Etiam iaculis id, iaculis id, velit pharetra. Ve ornare. Dignissim massa ut fames ac mi erat odio fusce eros eu consectetuer commodo.

 For those who may be a bit confused by the application of such text, it is to be used as filler text on web pages, document templates and other such things where you need things to either look crowded or filled out.
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LINCOLN Test Your Luck (English Subtitles)

Posted on Jul 22, 2012 in The Blog | 0 comments

I’m sharing here a video of the Japanese variety show LINCOLN. It is a show with nothing but Japanese comedians on it. In this episode they are going to a spa resort town and are going to have a series of challenges. The losers are punished in the cold winter weather and the winners are rewarded with relaxing experiences in this resort town. Please enjoy.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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EU3 Mod: Age of Discovery 0.04

Posted on Mar 2, 2012 in Alt.Game.Scene, EU3 | 2 comments

Here is one of the mods for EU3 that I like the most. It adds in dozens of new countries… all of which are American natives :)

It is a largely missing piece to the great game of EU3. Using this mod in your game will populate the Americas with lots of historically accurate nations. Normally you just discover those regions, deal with the few active tribes there and suddenly colonize everything really quickly and have the culture and religion change .

This mod still leaves many coastlines colonizable (to get you a foothold on the continent) but the rest requires you to “deal” with the American natives like you would in any other part of the world now. They are real countries, you can perform diplomacy with them, wipe them out, ally with them, etc.

I wish to encourage the author of this mod (Guillaume HJ) to continue with their work. It has been a great resource for the community so thanks a lot! Original paradox forum thread: Click Here

After spending the last several months plotting it out (then finding out much of my plotting was inapplicable because someone at Paradox apparently accidentally hit the off switch on convenient map modding), here is the first version of the planned No Very Few Empty Provinces mod: Age of Discovery.

My vision with this mod, which I hope to find the time to fulfil, is a mod that focus on what was withotu a shadow of a doubt the most important part of the Europa Universalis era (no, not the framing of the cousin of the third wife of the second son of the stablehand of the steward to the favorite count of the uncle of the Holy Roman Emperor): the reality-defining shock that was Christian Europe’s encounter with the Rest of the World, and the Rest of the World’s encounter with Christian Europe.

The first and foremost part of doing this will, of course, be developing the Rest of the World, starting with the part the European most heavily interacted with (and in) during the EU era: the Americas (starting with the North because information is easier to come by there).

Even later, however, changes to Europe should remain fairly limited (there are none for now), focused mostly on making use of new Divine Wind features that Europe doesn’t yet use (such as factions), on introducing broad changes for the rest of the world that also affect Europe, or introducing change to Europe to affect how they interact with the Rest of the World.

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DIY Organic Air Freshener

Posted on Jan 1, 2012 in The Blog | 0 comments

An easy to make organic air freshener is a great idea for whenever you have people coming over to visit your house.

  1. Gather up your fruit skins and peels that you would have otherwise discarded.
  2. Place them into the oven at a low heat (200F/94C)
  3. You will know when it is done by the strong but pleasant scent. Leave the heat on for as long as you like the scent to be at its strongest.
It saves money, is better for the environment and I personally feel that it smells better overall than store-bought aerosol cans.
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Dovahkiin Gutenberg – All of Skyrim’s books in an ebook

Posted on Jan 1, 2012 in Alt.Game.Scene | 0 comments

Skyrim is full of great books to read in the game and now someone over at has dumped the text from the game’s books and put them into two of the most popular ebook formats:
.mobi (kindle) 

.epub (iOS, nook and a ton of others)

There are even some enhanced Spanish copies of the files here with the decorative letters and other graphics:¿como-se-dice-dovahkiin-gutenberg-en-espanol/

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